Decreasing Term Assurance Policy

It pays the assured amount only in case of the death and Total Permanent Disability of the insured person.

  • Term depend on the Loan Term
  • Single Premium
  • Riders – Death and Total Permanent Disability in built
  • There is no maturity benefit.

Mortgage Protection is designed to repay the outstanding balance of a loan/mortgage, up to the maximum sum assured, in the event the borrower dies or is totally and permanently disabled before the mortgage is repaid. We understand the responsibilities on your shoulders to pay back those financial commitments and with Continental Life Mortgage Reducing Policy we can put your mind at ease off the worry of what happens when you’re not there one day for your family.

In the unfortunate event of the sudden demise or permanent disability of the policyholder, we will protect your dream as our Mortgage Protection/Decreasing Term Assurance Policy will settle the balance amount of your loan which you have taken from the bank or financial institution of your choice

A competitive range of insurance benefits


The Mortgage Protection Plan is a single premium policy specially designed to protect borrowers against untimely death or total permanent disability and the resulting financial difficulties during the remainder of the repayment period of your loan, the beneficiary will be the lending institute.

This is a Decreasing Term Assurance policy, which provides cover for any type of loan such as a housing loan, a property loan, a business, a leasing facility or a personal loan. Initially, the sum assured will be equal to the loan amount taken but will decrease periodically as loan repayments are made subsequently.

Policy terms from 01 – 40 years depending on the loan repayment period

Expandable with additional covers for enhanced protection such as total permanent disability benefits due to accident or sickness

Joint Life protection is possible

Age limit 18-65 yrs.

There is no maturity benefit in the policy.

The premium rates could be vary and obtained on submission of the following information

  • Lending Institution
  • Loan amount
  • Term of repayment
  • Rate of interest
  • Proposer’s Date of Birth, gender and health status

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