Child Education

Good education to their children is the dream of all the parents with the fast changing world, cost of education goes up every year. Child need the money for his or her education after completing school education.

By this time parents are closing to their retirement ages and their income levels are decreasing.

By obtaining a child policy by parents when the child is small can solve the problem of child higher education by creating a fund and also the protection to the parents.

Parent or the guardian can take the policy on behalf of the child. Child’s education fund will be released at the age 20 or 22 years of the child as per the requirement.

  • Policy holder
    • Guardian/Parent
  • Beneficiary
    • Child
  • Additional Covers Wave off premium
    • Death or Total Permanent Disability
  • Age at Entry
    • Minimum 18 yrs
    • Maximum 52 yrs
  • Cover ceasing age
    • 70 yrs
  • Term
    • Minimum 18 yrs
    • Maximum 20 yrs

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